Saturday, July 19, 2008

easy to make photograph slid baby

Again I talk about animation, of course with animation can make life thus life ( rich of advertisement aja ). Yes in this opportunity will try in debate about how to make animation of picture and or photograph. To all great friend ( from now on I will familiarize calls you to become great friend, lets more familier yes) which has accustomed applies animation program for example MacroMedia Flash Player and or its(the friends goods has of course non thing that is whew and or odd, but for a group of people like this me, makes photo animation is a a real very difficult thing.

[is] there any between the great friends blogger which like me? if the answer there are yes we are emang in the same boat ( life in the same boat), but didn't formerly great friend mental breakdown blogger, aphorism spells out members many road(streets towards rhoma ( rhythm).. in the case of inipun either the way namely we can apply service situs-situs animation maker. In internet buaanyak once situs photo animation maker, the numbers thousands or even millions. So for example that is To make an animation photograph in slidecom, please follow stages;steps following :

1. For towards situs please click here

2. First step that is great friend must enlist is former at situs

3. Article click Sign Up to do registration ( free list)

4. Great friend enamel address input at column provided. contents of also password wanted

5. If had, please click knob sign Up, and automatic of great friend has stepped into yard account great friend

6. Step of hereinafter is do animation making

7. Click style, to choose style from animation

8. click skin, to choose animation frame

9. click Size to choose measure

10. Knob Click Select Image, then input foto/image is wishing input great friend

11. knob click Upload to do photograph upload process

12. If upload process completed, click knob Save

13. Copy of HTML code which in gives, then paste at program is notepad

14. Article click Log Out to go out from situs. Please close browser yard

15. Step of hereinafter is the animation HTML code input into your blog

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