Monday, June 30, 2008

Attracting Attention

Two Key Ingredients For Attracting Attention
The first part of creating attention (traffic) to a blog, is the age-old advice you will have read over and over again if you study successful blogging:
“Write good content”
So yes, the foundation of a great blog is good content. Where people go wrong is deciding what good content is, given their goals (usually the error is made when determining exactly what the goals are and what strategies will be used to meet the goals) and assuming that just good content is enough.
The other key ingredient is marketing.
Did I mention that all professional bloggers need to have business skills? Yep, that’s right, marketing – the fine art of attracting attention and THE key component for successful business – is a paramount ingredient for successful blogging. It’s through marketing that people find your good content.
I’ll discuss how to market a blog in a moment, but first we have to make sure you avoid the first error I mentioned – not having a strategy in place for producing the right type of good content given your goals.
from : Yaro Starak

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